Dear friends and colleagues,

In the absence of a few months to the celebration of the III WCPHN, many developments have taken place and we have great expectations of attendance to this congress. From the International Scientific Committee we have worked hardly to shape the scientific program and to correct more than 850 abstracts received.

Today the congress already has a scientific program and a high level speakers box. The comercial exposition is growing every day and we continue receiving proposals and suggestions from the sponsors, as well for the parallel program as for the development of the specific actions in the congress.

We are sure that the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is going to be the perfect host for these days of renovation and exchange, which will have Nutrition and Public Health as main focus.

From the Local Organization Committee we would like to invite you to participate, and we are working with determination to achieve that your attendance to the congress became a success and also that you live pleasant and profitable experiences during your stay in this city.

I hope to see you soon,


Lluis Serra-Majem, MD, PhD

Professor of Public Health and Director of the Research Institute of Biomedical Health Sciences at the ULPGC.
Chairman of the NGO Nutrition Without Borders 0b431bca95e6d49aae3edab3f38c4d65   


Statement concerning the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

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ENLP  Announcement

21st Seminar European Nutrition
Leadership Platform, Luxembourg

(Arrival 15th – Departure 23rd April 2015)

Course directors: Professor Renger Witkamp,
PhD and Martine Alles, PhD

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